Hope & Wellness Clinical Trials

With the highest quality of care, service and commitment!

  • Clinical research, or clinical trials, are research programs that test the effectiveness and safety of various interventions for people with different conditions. They are meant to find new, improved methods for treating conditions.
  • Our team of highly trained board-certified physicians, experienced clinical research coordinators and research staff ensure that we obtain the best data possible for our sponsors through adherence to the standards of GCP and ICH guidelines.
  • We pride ourselves on making it possible for our patients to be active participants in their healthcare by improving their understanding of their health condition through the clinical trial process.
  • Hope & Wellness Clinical Trials has worked with the pharmaceutical and bio-tech companies on the development of both FDA-approved and investigational medications.

Our trials are at no-cost to our participants.
In some instances, compensation for your time and transportation is available

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