Our team of medical experts specializes in researching investigational medicines and providing no-cost study-related care to our participants.

Hope & Wellness Clinical Trials, Inc is your clinical research provider in the Inland Empire. We deliver clinical research opportunities, solutions to participants and sponsors, to offer all study-related medical care and medications at no cost to qualified participants. Once qualified as a study participant, you can expect to meet our physicians personally during the study—taking the time to develop the best possible physician-patient relationship is at the heart of our mission.

Our independent medical research clinic is staffed by full-time principal investigators, clinical research coordinators, laboratory, and regulatory staff. Participants at our clinic have been able to take part in multiple phases of broad-ranging clinical research studies, backed by the experience and careful oversight of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

Our trials are at no-cost to our participants
In some instances, compensation for your time and transportation is available

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